Sky Cruiser Endeavor Guide (Normal Mode)

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Sky Cruiser Endeavor Guide (Normal Mode)

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:35 pm

New patch is out, people are excited for the new dungeons, heres the major guide for Sky Cruiser Endeavor:



Level Requirement: 65
Gear Requirement: +9 Ambit or +12 Devastator minimum with a organised group
Item level: 181
Format: 5-man


Before fighting the first boss, your group must clear waves of monsters that last a total of 6 minutes, after that the first boss will enter the battle announcing "So you think you can win", he will then grant the remaining minions that are alive a shield leaving you to only deal 1 dmg to them.

The tank should move to the corner of the room so as the adds spawn, they will make their way there for an easier battle.
The waves will be a mixture of demokrons but throughout the waves a bigger demokron will spawn (more hp + dmg), your dps team should focus on killing this guy first.
Around 2 minutes in, archers will spawn (they're very long range so gg to melee dps) and then around 4 minutes in, a priest & warrior will spawn, your dps should focus on killing the priest first for obvious reasons.


First Boss: Putrion

1 or 2 Discovery Boots
Crafting materials

For this boss, the tank should attempt to move the boss to the top of the room where the one-eyed boss (Perimos) is standing.
This boss has the exact same mechanics as Chimaerus the Mutilated in Macellarius Catacombs.


Next Pathway
A pathway of normal monsters in which you have to defeat to proceed to the next boss


Second Boss: Perimos

Tier 6 Alkahests
Discovery Armor
Discovery Belt
Crafting Materials

For this boss, the tank should try to stay in the middle of the room to avoid the boss moving around for specific mechanics.

Important/Notable skills to watch out for:

Mechanic #1 - Flotation Stones:
Perimos will move to the center of the room and focus on one of the stones located on the outer edge of the room.
There are 6 in total and the boss will try to destroy one of them with a purple laser, you and your party must stand inside the lasers range to shield the stones from taking damage.
You will recieve damage and a damage debuff (?), the healer must cleanse and heal as the boss may do 2 lasers consecutively.

Mechanic #2 - Laser:
Note: This attack will be announced above the boss in a speech bubble format.

Perimos will try to laser a player (orange/yellow laser) with a purple ring appearing around the player, you must dodge this because it hurts like a bish (unsure if block works but iframe will).
Do not stand near the flotation stone's if you have this ring as it can damage & break them too.

Mechanic #3 - Blast Wave:
Note: This attack will be announced above the boss in a speech bubble format.

Perimos will use to inner energy to deal a wave of damage in a cone/arc formation.

Mechanic #4 - Webs:
Perimos will fall and spawn webs on the floor around him. These webs will de-buff players and cause a movement speed decrease. They do not stay very long. This can be cleansed.

Mechanic #5 - Central Slam:
If Perimos moves too far from the middle, he'll slam his arm into the ground and jump towards the middle causing fatal damage to anyone near the middle.


Next Pathway
Take the teleportal up the airship's rooftop to proceed to the final boss.


Final Boss: Darkan

Dyad Niveot Structure
Tier 6 Alkahest/Enchantment Stones
Discovery Gloves
Master Enigmatic Scroll
Discovery Weapon
Ancient Wish (A material used for making level 65 crafted brooch)
Perimos Heart (PvE Visionmaker Material)
Blacksmith's Ember (A crafted item to be used as material for PvE Visionmaker)
Level 65 Superior Brooch Design
Rare and Superior Purifying Brooch
Rare Quickcarve, Empowered and Endurance Brooch
Generation Vision Document*

Important/Notable skills to watch out for:
This boss has a lot of mechanics so ggwp.

Mechanic #1 - Empowered Darkan:
At 90%, Darkan will receive a shield effect and disappear. He'll reappear with wings and an empowered figure. During the first stage, his mechanics are limited to swipes.

Mechanic #2 - Fire Slam:
Darkan will rise into the air (He will twirl as he rises), your party must get at least 20m away from Darkan as it will proceed to slam the ground, causing fatal damage up to 20m. You will be notified with the message: "All they are is dust."

Mechanic #3 - Fire Circles:
Darkan will rise into the air (He will fly straight up with no twirl), your party must run to the edges as Darkan will place DOT circles on each player. You should attempt to avoid being hit by escaping just before the circles take root to avoid damage.

Mechanic #4 - Fire Charge:
Darkan will spin and charge towards a player, causing damage. You will not be pushed.

Mechanic #5 - Fire Swipe:
Darkan will proceed a 360 clockwise swipe, dealing damage. Applies fire bleeding effect. He usually does this after slamming his sword on the ground and swiping left/right 2 times

Mechanic #6 - Rings of Fire:
Darkan will rise into the air and create a circle cage. You must enter, anyone out of this cage will die. The cage will split into 3 sections, inner, mid and outer. One section will randomly become a danger zone (noticeable by red indicator, avoid this zone. This occurs 3 times before Darkan slams the ground, breaking the cage. (like the annihilation ring at Fulminar in BR)

Mechanic #7 - Minion:
Darkan will disappear and the room will turn red. A minion will spawn, you must kill this quickly. If you do not, the party will take fatal damage and die. - It deals 30k dmg per hit, it is advised to let the healer take aggro

Mechanic #8 - Sword Throw:
The boss will throw his swords and scrape the ground in a direction, dealing frontal damage. If you stand on the burning ground, you'll receive damage, however they will disappear within a second.

Mechanic #9 - Fire Wing:
This mechanic is important to master!

Darkan will slam the ground with his swords often. If Darkan sword slams the ground 4 consecutive times, he will proceed the Fire Wing

This mechanic will push you the edge of the map and applies fire bleeding effect. To avoid getting hit you must pay attention to his sword slams (a sword slam is when he uses his regular attack, hitting the ground with one of his swords).

The 4th/final slam determines the direction of the Fire Wing.
Darkan can fire left or right and the direction is determined by which sword (left or right) is used for the 4th slam. The sword used will appear more fiery and will be against the ground, with the other sword will be in the air. Darkan also will stay in this position for a second before proceeding the actual Fire Wing.

If the left sword is fiery and against the ground (and the right sword in the air), then he will use his right wing and proceed the attack in the right direction.

If the right sword is fiery and against the ground (and the left sword in the air), then he will use his left wing and proceed the attack in the left direction.

He will also do Fire Wing without doing 4 consecutive slams, however this is noted with a text bubble: "Dodge this!" (from himself). You must be prepared and watch out for the slam after he says "Dodge this" to know which side he'll be aiming. ("Dodge this" is a placeholder name)

Mechanic #10 - Sword Strike:
The boss will slam the ground and then strike with enormous power, dealing a frontal attack. This is noticeable by the bosses sword slams.
If the sword slam has the fiery visual effect and is not the 4th consecutive slam (and isn't noted by "Dodge this", then he will proceed Sword Strike.

If you beat this dungeon on your first run, you get free ERP from Elaini/Elainu. Good luck and happy dungeoning Smile

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